January 2021 Update:


Confessions Translated

We are so thankful for technology. In this video, our friend Jeff captured the moment of me finishing up the draft translation of the last sentence of "The Confessions of St. Augustine". Please pray as we edit and hopefully are able to print in a couple of months.

Baby Chheang

Please pray for baby Chheang, the umbilical cord is wrapping around her neck. This may require a c-section, but the doctor told us not to worry too much because we still have some time before the baby is due in mid March, LORD willing.
Fun fact: baby Chheang likes pancakes and peanut butter.

Goal Reached

Thank you for praying for our Gospel Book Project fundraiser. We are excited to inform you that we've reached our goal for the second print of the "Jesus Storybook Bible" and the first print of "The New City Catechism" . 

  • We praise God for cooler weather these last couple of weeks. It made me miss snow for sure.
  • It has been a joy to have some of Bunry's friends visit and stay with us for a few days each month while they visit Phnom Penh.
  • One of our neighbors took in a stray cat who has given birth to kittens, but now they don't want the cat and the kittens anymore, so they have placed the cats behind our house :) fun fun for us.
  • Lord willing, I'll be preaching on Mark 7:14-23 this weekend. Please pray that God's people will continue to grow both deep and wide.
  • One of Bunry's nephews who is staying at our church dormitory has made a profession of faith. We praise God for doing the work of salvation in him.

How then will they call on him in whom they have not believed? And how are they to believe in him of whom they have never heard? And how are they to hear without someone preaching? And how are they to preach unless they are sent? As it is written, “How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the good news!”
(Romans 10:14).

Our translation team had a great "work" retreat where we planned for 2021, followed by a sleepover at our house and some fun time swimming at a resort for half the morning.



  • Create access to resources

  • Teach readers to learn how to think

  • Give opportunity to study

  • Cultivate a better understanding

  • Impact lives continuously 

  • Influence current culture and the one to come after

  • Enable readers to stand on their own

  • Discipleship

  • Books will act like teachers even after we die

  • Source language won’t be understood in the same way as in the native language

1. We, the guys, are very thankful for our wives, who support us tirelessly (Eph. 5). 
2. We were blessed to be able to visit the Phnom Penh Safari and saw some pretty cool animals (Gen. 1-2). 

December 2020 Update:

Happy Christmas!

Wishing you a Merry Christmas from Cambodia. This year caught us all by surprise, but we are grateful that Jesus is still on the throne.

It's end-of-year. Please consider a financial gift.

Our ministry work with the Translation and Publishing team relies on the support of fellow believers like you. Here are some updates for December.

  • A new kind of snake has been spotted going across our front door. Thankfully, one of our neighbors were there to "scare" it away from entering our house. Praise God.
  • I preached on Mark 6:6b-13 at our local church this past month. My total sermons preached is 22. I put in about 30-40 hours per sermon. Please continue to pray that God will use those sermons for His glory.
  • We are midway through a big end-of-year fundraiser for the Jesus Storybook Bible and the New City Catechism, both to be translated into Khmer and distributed across Cambodia.
  • Bunry and I are excited for early 2021, when we are expecting our first baby girl! Although Bunry continues to experience daily "morning sickness" nausea, we lean on the Lord in these light and momentary trials.
  • We had a fun "pre-warmup" get away with our translation team to reflect on the year and begin to start planning for next year; hence, the selfie with Nate in it.
  • We have resized our old quotes and Bible verses to use them as videos for Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, and YouTube. Bunry helped doing some of the voiceover for those. Its great to see her involved even in the midst of a hard pregnancy.
  • This is a quick summary of what Plovpit.com has produced thus far: 341 weekly blog posts, 87 comics, 14 visual theology, 842 quotes and Bible verses, and 370 videos on YouTube.
"For this light momentary affliction is preparing for us an eternal weight of glory beyond all comparison" (2 Corinthians 4:17)

Our desire is that with your help we can continue translate and share the gospel through solid biblical resources in Cambodia. Even the best ministries fade away, but good Christian books do not. The authors and translators will die but their books live on. Please continue to pray for our various ministries.
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We're also fundraising for the Gospel Book Project

This Christmas we are raising money to translate and publish 8000 books in Cambodia, in the local language, so that many may come to see the truth and beauty of the Lord Jesus Christ. We need your help.

Share Books. Share Christ.

3,000 copies of the New City Catechism
5,000 copies of the Jesus Storybook Bible (our second print run!)

To learn more or donate, please visit our Facebook page, OR donate to our Translation Ministry and note "Gospel Book Project".

November 2020 Update:

One of our teammates, Ryan Quey, recently introduced to us at the translation office a mic called “SpeechWare FlexyMike Dual Ear Cardioid 3rd generation” and yeah we're a bit geeky. This mic is probably the best mic we’ve known so far. Its sole purpose is for dictation in loud places, i.e. I could be dictating at Niagara Falls and it will still only pick up my voice. As you know, now with google docs supporting Khmer “voice typing” at maybe 80-90% accuracy, depending on the speed of the internet, we are able to use this mic and translate very efficiently. For example, I spent almost 4 years working on “The Confessions of St. Augustine”, working on it on and off, but with this mic and us re-translating the book, after our other teammates, Nathan, Jeff and Beilie re-wrote the English texts off a public domain, I’ve only worked on it for 8 months and we are almost done with the draft translation, and this is not even counting our weekly blog posts, daily quote posts and the manuscripts my sermons. Please join us in praising God for technology such as this!

And here are a few other things that happened this last month:

  • Bunry and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary on November 10th. It felt like we had just got married yesterday.
  • Khmerism keyboard that we have been helping to test out is now at the National Council of the Khmer Language for evaluations to see whether they will make this for wide use or not.
  • Since we started to meet in person again at church, I have been helping with the video recording, especially helping the service when we “Go Live”. We found out that our other local churches, and also some Cambodians out of the country, have been using our sermons as part of their “online church” service. Praise God. Speaking of sermons, I just preached on Mark 5:21-43, one of the longest texts that I have had to work through in such a short time. We are restricted to meeting only for 30 minutes. The main three points of the text were: 1. The Beauty of the Gospel, 2. The Power of Jesus and 3. The Amazement of the People.
  • I also just had my 32 years old birthday.
  • Daren, Tyler and I were able to introduced the guys at our office to The Habit Burgers.

…and lastly, the excitement kept on building up as we just found out that, by God’s grace, we are having a baby girl. For this round, its mini-Bunry not mini-Bora yet :)

All to His Glory,
The Chheangs